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INCLUDE is a pan-European network operating in the field of language policy and practice for the active social inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion such as migrant communities. It strives for the exchange and dissemination of common guidelines, policy, good practice and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) resources, and aims at contributing to the advancement of a socially inclusive European society.
The Network works on two levels:
At the Policy level: by promoting, lobbying and exchanging experiences and practices supporting active inclusion and social cohesion.
At the Practitioner level: by identifying, pooling and disseminating successful practices of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) aimed at migrant and other ‘at risk’ groups, making these practices accessible to language training institutions, learning providers, teachers, trainers, facilitators and other stakeholder
The INCLUDE Network strives to involve the widest level of stakeholders in language policy and practice with the aim of broadening and sharing a range of succesful policies and resources for policy-makers and practitioners alike, thus contributing to increase awareness about the linkages and relevance of using language policy for active social inclusion. The Network's philosophy is based on the assumption that the policy and practice landscape of language learning for active social inclusion is characterised by a relatively high level of homogeneity and 'sensemaking' amongst relevant stakeholders.
INCLUDE is a Network funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), Key Activity 2, "Languages".
The European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme aims to help individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities and helps develop the education and training sector across Europe. It is an umbrella programme integrating various educational and training initiatives. The Programme funds a range of actions including exchanges, study visits and networking activities.



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